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Cart Pay’s robust, secure and scalable payment-processing platform provides an excellent platform to process your card securely. thereby keeping private data encrypted.

Payment gateway for ecommerce business

With rapid advancement in technology, we can observe the penetration of Internet into the lives of common people. Be it entertainment, education or shopping, Internet is the highly preferred platform for everything these days. When it comes to convenient shopping, nothing is easier than ecommerce shopping portals. Ecommerce business is the most popular tool to sell things across the globe and take your business to new heights. To make this online platform more purposeful for shoppers, payment gateway should be simple and secure.

With CART PAY, we understand payment gateway acts like a bridge between any payment portal and the front end user or acquiring bank. We are endowed as the safest service to make payments through credit cards encrypting all the sensitive information. Using our services, you can make payments faster than ever along with keeping your money and details protected. Talking about the modern era, almost everything is digital and therefore, it is must to adopt these latest techniques for keeping your digital money secure.

If you have just set up your ecommerce business, payment gateway should be there as it can help you win the trust of online visitors. This trust is very important as you are jumping into the pond of ecommerce industry where big giants like Amazon and eBay have already acquired their places. Ecommerce business is a big venture including various things but integrating payment gateway is the basic step to make your online portal secured for every user. You can find plenty of payment gateway service providers in the market to meet your business needs and demands. So, give your user a secured online experience globally by choosing an optimum payment gateway for simplifying payments.


Accept Payment even when you
are on move.

MOTO account and Virtual Terminal

Shop safely, Pay even on the move. Simpler way to process your customers card by MOTO account.
No matter what you business is, we simplify the payments for you.


Reliable and Secure transmission
of date to processing bank.

For start-ups to enterprise, we cater everyone.

We know what you do best. !! Selling.. Isn't it? We power you to do what you are good at,
rest leave it on us starting from diversifying your customer reach to seamless integration
and processing


Electronic Digital Signature
embedded with Automated
Order Verification

Keeping pace with technology and protecting our merchants

Electronic verification of every sales and enhanced voice authorization by first of its kind in
the payment industry where all orders are processed through automated
voice verification system. Business choose to work with us because we thing and conceive differently.


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