We pool in fun with work

Implementing the global acquiring strategy we offer both international and local acquiring which will definitely suits your IT business because we understand IT doesn’t have boundaries.

Employee Satisfaction

Our strategies to build smarter workforce.

We go distances to identify and hire exceptional talents for our organization. Cart Pay’s exceptional employee satisfaction milieu and workforce science attract and retain high performing talent.

We always look for the "best fit" for high value roles, and help your people do meaningful work.

Our Employee Satisfaction survey is designed to holistically measure satisfaction levels across organization. We strategically measure both Affective and cognitive satisfaction level to understand the employee’s desires and aspirations.

Affective satisfaction is measured by the emotional quotient often occurring through interpersonal relationships, recognition and reward systems, and opportunities for creativity and self-expression at work, and more. Cognitive satisfaction relates to intellectual stimulation and challenge, compensation and benefits, working hours, working environment, and more.

We are known for our incredible work culture, stable ad friendly workforce, competitive salary and great benefit and a strong emphasis of the professional growth of every employee.

› Top 3 Reasons to work at Cart Pay
  • Accentuate Professional growth: Strong Emphasize on Employees professional Growth by motivating them and give them a purpose and complete freedom to achieve it.
  • Inspired by Challenges: We want our employees to challenge the status quo and use their own initiative. We reward and recognize people who take ownership of their work and career , empowering them to reach to a greater height of their career.
  • Strong Culture: We provide an open and relaxed environment which is sociable yet dynamic and energizing.

Accept Payment even when you
are on move.

MOTO account and Virtual Terminal

Shop safely, Pay even on the move. Simpler way to process your customers card by MOTO account.
No matter what you business is, we simplify the payments for you.


Reliable and Secure transmission
of date to processing bank.

For start-ups to enterprise, we cater everyone.

We know what you do best. !! Selling.. Isn't it? We power you to do what you are good at,
rest leave it on us starting from diversifying your customer reach to seamless integration
and processing


Electronic Digital Signature
embedded with Automated
Order Verification

Keeping pace with technology and protecting our merchants

Electronic verification of every sales and enhanced voice authorization by first of its kind in
the payment industry where all orders are processed through automated
voice verification system. Business choose to work with us because we thing and conceive differently.


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